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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Day 10 - West side of Big Bend

Santa Elena Canyon
Next day's exploring took us to the end of the road on the west side in the park, and Santa Elena Canyon. We pretty much followed the west side of the Chisos Mountains past the old Homer Wilson Ranch, nestled in the foothills of the mountains and silently speaking of prosperity long gone. We passed the Mule Ears rock formations and checked out the campground in Castolon Village, which was smaller but very similar to the one in the Rio Grande Village. Then we continued the last eight miles to Santa Elena Canyon where the Rio Grande cuts a narrow swath through the vertical walls for eight miles. The canyon walls were impressively tall and very steep with so much wonderful greeneries. A cool spot for lunch where we took off our shoes and stuck our feet into the waters of the famed Rio Grande River.

Chisos BasinAgain, we returned early to our base camp in the Chisos and enjoyed a good book and a cross word puzzle surrounded by the majestic scenery. We also had an international encounter in the afternoon, trying to act as translators for a German tourist who was asking the park attendants for permission to remain in the campground while he tried to fix the instrument panel of his RV. He had shipped his own vehicle from Germany and was still able to drive it, but was unable to use any of the gauges to tell him how fast he was going or how much gas he had left. I think we were semi-successful in getting his problem across, even though our German by now is very rusty. In any event, he was permitted to stay, so the desired goal was reached.


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