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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Day 11- Leaving Big Bend

Leaving the ChisosI hate to admit it, but I think in younger days, we might have remained a few more days in Big Bend National Park. I think the lure of hiking in the Chisos and exploring the backcountry might have overcome the discomforts of the hot sun. But then again, I can remember hiking in the Superstitions Wilderness many years ago, absolutely hating the hot, dry climate and almost getting a sun stroke. In any event, rather than braving the back-country of Big Bend, which which was mostly accessible via bumpy dirt roads, we left the area on day 11. We stopped to look back and I really hated to leave the wonderful scenery of the Chisos'. With a great feeling of sentimental sorrow, I almost suggested we turn back.

But away we went, back through western Texas, traveling through the Chalk Mountains in scenery where we could see John Wayne and the wagon train being attacked by an Indian war party, and the Calvary coming across the hills to the rescue. Awesome! Especially for a Swede who had grown up with Western movies, never dreaming of actually being able to experience those wonderfully exciting places in person.

In the little town of Alpine, we asked the locals for recommendations to a good Mexican restaurant. We were given directions to La Casita which was located right smack in the middle of a residential section. However, since it was prime lunch time, we were asked to wait outside until a table was available. Several patrons left but still, no table was to be had. "They are reserved," said the waitress. After several new patrons had entered the restaurant and not been turned away, we figured you either had to have a reservation or the restaurant had a poor management policy for seating its customers. We decided the wait was not worth it so we left. Instead, we happened upon Twin Peaks Restaurant in downtown Alpine where we had a huevos rancheros and chili rellenos, perhaps not as delicious or plentiful as at La Casita's, but at least we were promptly served.

Davis Mountain State Park
We had decided Davis Mountain State Park north of Fort Davis would be the destination for day 11, and we had our first encounter with a javelina on the way there. This is a small pig-like, black animal with very sharp fangs, and quite an aggressive little bugger. He (she?) was moving along in the ditch right next to the road, and we got but a very brief glimpse of the animal. Later, in the campground, there were several signs warning people with pets to never leave them out of their sight as there had been javelina attacks where pets had been mauled and/or killed.


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