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Friday, April 22, 2005

Day 18 - Into Wyoming

Once we entered Wyoming, it felt almost like home, as we have been to Wyoming so many times during the past years. One area I found very picturesque and typically "Western Movies" was the Split Rock Area a few miles west from the point where road 789 turns west toward Lander and road 220 turns east toward Casper. We read that a pony express exchange station had been located near by. It was not hard to envision such a place among the intriguing looking rocks.

We had not intended to drive as far as we did, but we couldn't find many camping choices coming the way we did up through Riverside, Saratoga, Rawlins,and Riverton. However, north of Shoshoni, we found Boysen State Park.

Each time we encountered wind at our campsites, we felt this was surely the strongest. However, I think I can safely say that the wind at Boysen State Park was the strongest. There were lots of white caps on the waves and we figured only an absolute fool would brave those waters. Lo and behold, two fellows drove up in a pickup and put their 16 - 18 foot boat in the water, took a quick tour out and immediately returned. We were surprised they didn't capsize.

Boysen State ParkThere really was not much to the camp site but we didn't care since it was way too cold to sit outside anyhow. I took the dogs for a walk along the beach, but even in jacket and stocking cap, it was not comfortable.


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