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Friday, April 22, 2005

Day 19 - Big Horn Canyon

Our trip was nearing its end, but one more unexplored area awaited us before returning to Montana, namely Big Horn Canyon. Our drive there took us throug hthe town of Thermopolis, where we passed a huge public hot spring. The Bighorn Canyon actually lies in both Wyoming and Montana, and to drive to the end of the road from the south, you enter Montana, only to return the same way back into Wyoming.

On our way north to the marina and boat ramp, we stopped by the Devils overlook and found the water level way down. Where there should have been a lake, there was nothing but mud and it was not as scenic as it probably is at high pool.

We had lunch at one of the campsites along the road, before heading out for camp. On our way to the day's campsite, we passed through the beautiful Big Horn Mountains west of Sheridan, WY. On our way east, we had had to backtrack and go back down to Greybull since road 14A out of Lovell was still closed for the winter. Snow over the 9,430 foot Summit pass prevented passage.

Big Horn Canyon CampgroundWe camped at the northern end of Big Horn Canyon on the Montana side. There was not much to this camp site, which actually was not inside the canyon but along the Big Horn River before you enter the canyon itself. It is located very close the site of Fort C.F. Smith famed during the Indian fighting days of the 19th century and during the days of Custer. Not far from here lies the Little Big Horn Battle Field where Custer and 7th Cavalry met their disastrous end. (Our photos of this camp site and the one for day 20 have not yet been developed.)


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