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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 2 - Idaho & Northern Utah

The next morning, the wind was still howling and the weather had not improved much. However, Idaho and possibly northern Utah were waiting, and we were hoping to leave the gray weather behind.

For our second day, we had planned to stop in some of the bigger cities in Idaho and look for J.C. Penney stores (when you live in northwestern Montana, you learn to take advantage of shopping opportunities in the "big" cities in other areas) and planned to camp somewhere south of American Falls. However, we skipped Penneys and moved on to a new destination in northern Utah, Hiram State Park close to Logan.

Upon arriving, rather late in the afternoon, we found only the primitive part of the park was open. The kind park attendant advised us that Willard Bay State Park, only about 45 miles away to the west, was open - 45 miles through one of the Wasatch Mountain canyons and over a pass. As we headed up toward the pass, it began to snow, and the road turned very slushy, icy, and our speed decreased drastically. We settled ourselves in behind a very slow moving truck and figured we were safer behind it rather than trying to pass it. Once we were safely on the other side of the pass, our heart beats slowly returned to normal.

Willard Bay State Park was indeed open, however, the wind was equally strong here as the one we had experienced in southern Montana, and we did not linger outside. Instead, since we were so close to large cities, we were able to get excellent TV reception and spent the evening watching news and the weather forecast. By the way, this was the one of the few camp sites during the trip when we did not take a picture of the camp site.


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