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Friday, April 22, 2005

Day 21 - Home again

The last day was rather uneventful. It was great to see the familiar Rocky Mountains from the east side again, with the familiar gap where Marias Pass is located and through which our home trip took us.

We found a great Espresso place in Conrad and had lunch at the Twisted Spoon Restaurant, a small place in the town of East Glacier, and the only one that was open at this time of the year.

Driving through the mountains on Highway 2, the weather was grey and almost misty, but as we broke out of Bad Rock Canyon past Hungry Horse, the weather turned cheerful again and a sunny Flathead Valley awaited us.

We had made arrangements and were able to pick up LingLing and Twiggy on our way home - two cats who were very happy to see us. Needless to say, we were very happy to see them too. Nikki had to wait until Ponderosa Veterinary Hospital opened the next day.

We both agree. This was a very enjoyable and successful trip and we can't wait to take off again! Next trip will probably be to Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territory.


Mari-Anne said...

As forwarded to me by my favorite "non-student" Woody in the Yaak:

Thank you very much for sharing your trip with us. I really enjoyed it. I was just thinking this morning as I was slipping my coffee;of all the places that my career as a wildfire fighter had taken me. Last winter, (03) after we had fought the 'Cedar Fire' in nearby El Cajon, I was sitting on the beach in Lake Elsinore in Southern California, watching the sun rise of the lake each morning for a couple of months. We were invited to stay around, 'just in case'. Then I decided I needed to be back in the mountains again, but still could not return to my beloved Montana, so I headed up to the San Bernardino Mountains, to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake, the site of the 'Old Fire', about 50 miles to the north. The amazing thing in Southern California is you can have remote mountain life, with snow and skiing, or the ocean with surfing and sandy beaches, or the desert, with cactus, or LA and San Diego, with life in the fast lane, all within a days drive! Or you can even visit a third world country with the opposite extreme of immense wealth in Southern California, to abundant poverty in Mexico. I have always wanted to document my adventures for others to have a look into the life of a Contract Wildfire Fighter. Maybe I'll follow your lead here. Thanks Again! Wildman Woody www.wildfirefighters.com

5:34 PM  

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