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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 3 - Moving on to Central Utah

We were lucky we had been able to watch the news and weather predictions the prior evening so we knew a rare winter storm was expected over the greater Salt Lake City area. As a matter of fact, the predictions for snow were not given in inches but rather in feet! When we turned on the news in the morning, I-15 was experiencing heavy snow in the Salt Lake City area even though it was only overcast up north of Ogden where we were. Since the storm was expected to move on further east around Noon, we felt it was better to stay put and wait out the worst.

It was difficult to just sit around and wait for the clouds to leave, and around 11.30 am, after an early lunch, we took off. The closer we got to Salt Lake City, the more snow there was on the ground. However, the freeway was clear! With heavy clouds all around us and high mountain passes to the east, we debated which way to go. We were going east, but should we go south on 1-15 and brave a more southern pass or should we chance it and take a closer, but more northern pass? We decided on the latter, and as it turned out, we had no problems. We turned east by Levan, south of Nephi, and headed toward the little town of Gunnison. Here, we turned north for a few miles until we saw the turn off to our destination, Palisades Lake State Park.

What a pleasant surprise! The lake was located high up in the foothills of the mountains in Fishlake National Forest in a beautiful setting.

Palisade Lake

Another, also very pleasant surprise, was the fact that there were showers available, and the very nice park lady turned them on especially for us - we were the only campers in the entire park. Normally, the showers were not turned on until later in the afternoon.

We managed to sit outside for a short while and enjoy some sun shine after the wind, rain, and snow we had encountered during our trip so far. Alas, the snow was not far behind, however, and we got a little dusting. The photo below is before the snow. Can't imagine snow here, can you?!

Our camp at Palisade Lake State Park


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