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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 4 - Through Moab & Southern Utah

Originally, we had planned to make it all the way to Canyon de Chelly in Arizona on day 4, but instead we decided we would do something we'd wanted to do for many years, namely camp in Arches National Park. Every time we had been to Moab during earlier years, the camp site was full. But surely this time of the year we wouldn't have any problems getting a camp site! Hah! Need we say more? We were there in the morning, and still, the camp site was full!! We were very disappointed, but without a camp site, we decided to move on after stopping for lunch at the Lions Club picnic site in the northern section of Moab.

Moab also has a wonderful City Market, where we stocked up on provisions before driving south through the beautiful rock formations which line Highway 191 south of Moab. From the highway, you can also see some of the beauty of the Canyonlands area, where we've been many times before.

We thought we might try camping at one of the National Forest Service campgrounds west of Monticello and turned west in the middle of town toward the Manti La Sal National Forest. However, we very quickly ran into snow and the road was closed off by a high snow bank before we reached the camp grounds. The dogs had a chance to frolic in the snow for a while before we headed back to town, and then south again.

South of Bluff, close to the Arizona border by the San Juan River, we stopped at Sand Island State Park. Like Palisades Lake State Park, this park was also situated in a beautiful location, nestled among trees and bushes which were about to break out in buds.

Sand Island State Park


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