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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 5 - Arizona

Before leaving the campground, we took a short hike up to some Petroglyphs where long ago dwellers had recorded their dreams, hopes, and other expressions of daily life.

Shortly after Day 5 dawned, we entered Arizona and the Navajo Indian Reservation, where I found a mean cup of French Vanilla coffee at one of the small gas stations! Don't let it be said that you can't satisfy white man's cravings on the Reservaton! By now, the weather was great - the sun was shining, and we were able to wear shorts for the first time since leaving the cold and snowy North. Although, the wind still followed wherever we went.

We found delightful Lyman State Park, about 15 miles north of Springerville in eastern Arizona in the early afternoon where we stopped and were able to enjoy our second showers since leaving home. Mind you, we do have showers in our camper as well, however, it's more enjoyable when you have more room to move around!

Dale sunning himself at Lyman Lake State Park

In addition to the camp sites, Lyman State Park had some newly varnished and very cozy looking cabins, and even some yurts for its summer guests. None were occupied this early in the year but they sure looked inviting as get-aways during hot summer afternoons.

Muffen and Murphy were delighted to find some fuzzy park inhabitants that were duly chased into the brambles and bushes.

The next morning, I was overjoyed to find an Espresso boutique in Springerville which served a scrumptious cup of Latte. Since we had already had breakfast in the camper, we passed on the great omelettes that we knew were served at Buga Reds in Springerville since we had enjoyed some during an earlier trip.


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