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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

T minus 0 - We're off

It's Monday ayem, March 28, 2005, all three cats are safely deposited with their respective kennel and veterinary hospital, Muffen & Murphy have both had a recent visited to the groomer in anticipation of being presentable during the trip, and we're off. The weather could have been better, but nothing can interfere with our feeling of anticipation - new sights and experiences are waiting.

In the past, it seems we'd no sooner return home before we would have trouble remembering what the different camp sites at which we stayed during our trips looked like so this time, I decided I was going to take a picture of each site. Thus, the images depicted in the pages to come will undoubtedly make the reader think "enough already of that darn camper....."

We had set our sights on reaching the area around Dillon in southwestern Montana on our first day and thought Clarks Canyon Reservoir would be an ideal spot. This reservoir, south of Dillon, is named for Capt. William Clark of the Discovery Corp, and since it served as camp site for this famed group, it would certainly be fine for us.

We arrived around dinner time to find the lake partially frozen and rather frigid temperatures. Howling winds convinced us that we wouldn't be sitting outside to enjoy the scenery on this first day, even though the area normally would be very inviting. We could see the little butte on an island in the lake which reportedly served as a look-out during the Discovery Corp's stop over at this spot some 200 years ago. Then, of course, it was not an island, since the lake is a man-made one. Thus, the actual camp where the Lewis & Clark Expedition stayed is now covered by water.

Clark Canyon State Park


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