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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day Five - May 20, 2005 - NW Territories

We were awakened early by some newly arrived campers who wanted to secure a campsite for the upcoming long Canadian Queen Victoria week end. Once they positioned their huge rigs, they left. We wondered how anyone could stand a whole weekend of those annoying, loud flying insects!

Once we left the Peace River area, we were driving north on Highway 35 toward the town of High Level, leaving most of the civilization behind. Along this route, we caught a glimpse of our first bear south of Keg River. He was calmly munching on the vegetation and not at all bothered by the traffic.

In High Level we found a huge Extra Foods grocery store and were able to replenish our supplies in grand style. This store had an interesting loss leader. Their fuel center gave a rebate of 4.5 cents per liter, which could only be exchanged in the grocery store. We later received 7.5 cents per liter at a similar facility in Grande Prairie.

Continuing north from High Level I found out the hard way that the road side was extremely muddy and soft. I sank down to my ankle in mud during a pit stop and had to sit with a muddy shoe until we could find some water to clean up.

Roadside CGEven though the map showed there were supposed to be a couple of camp sites along the road, we were unable to find them. Instead, we found a flat area, partially hidden by trees on the west side of the highway, some 11 miles south of the 60th Parallel. Here we were able to pull off to camp as the ground was quite hard. We had been concerned about recent rain and the weight of the truck/camper, but the ground seemed solid enough. Our only discomfort was the presence of large mosquitoes.


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