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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Day Nine - May 24, 2004 - NW Territories

Upside-down Sign
Our second morning in Yellowknife still greeted us with a very chilly wind. Since the weather proved to be so unwelcoming, we had decided to cut our visit short and head back south-hopefully, to warmer weather. However, we had to wait for the Coop and post office to open at 9 am so we used the time to fill up with gas and water. While filling our water tanks, we discovered this upside-down sign on the wall next to us.

Remembering all the delightful reindeer meat I had eaten while growing up in Sweden, we thought it’d be great to head back to the States with caribou steaks. We were told by the people at the Coop that probably the only place that would have caribou meat was the Fancy Meats store. Unfortunately, they didn’t have steaks but only some extremely expensive caribou sausage which we settled for.

On the way back toward North Arm where we cross the Great Slave Lake on a bridge and where Highway 3 turns south again, we decided to take the side trip in to the aboriginal community of Rae. We were horrified at the trashy conditional of the town with garbage strewn everywhere. Such a shame!

LadyEvelyn Terr. ParkLady Evelyn Terr. ParkContinuing south through the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary, we saw lots of bison, one porcupine and one bear.

We stopped for the afternoon at the same Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park, which had been full of campers on the way up. This time, there was not a single camper in sight. And-just as on the way up-noone came to ask for any campground fees. At 6 pm, the temperature at the campground was 50 degrees Fahrenheit-what a difference from Yellowknife!


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