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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day Two - May 17, 2005 - NW Territories

KananaskisTo our dismay, it rained the entire night, which made the forest trunk road a slippery disaster, especially with a camper. Instead, we were forced to change our intended route and leave the trunk road for the paved Highway 22, which took us further east and, unfortunately, out of the majestic mountainous scenery. We had intended to follow the Forest Trunk road the entire way along the eastern side of the Rockies all the way until it connected with Highway 40, south of Edson and east of Jasper.

Highway 22 took us through many smaller communities east of Calgary such as Sundre and Cochrane. Cochrane seemed to have grown into quite a modern suburb to Calgary since our last visit and here, we took advantage of the three grocery stores, including a Safeway. It’s always fun so much fun to look around in grocery stores in “foreign” countries!

Tay RiverWe had planned to stay at a little campground by Phyllis Lake, west of Sundre on the smaller road 584, but it was very a very uninviting windy and wet setting. Instead, we continued west to Tay Campground along the Tay River. Here, we found lots of budding trees and bushes along the river, which was rather swift, and Muffen made sure he got tied up by racing around much too close to the most torrent part of the river.


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